1998 Custom Softtail®: A.J.'s "Orange Crush "

Owner A.J. Ruggiero
Builder/Designer Stone's/Owner
Model 1998 Special Construction - SoftailŽ
Frame Daytec
Forks Perewitz
Triple Trees Perewitz
Engine S&S 96cu
Paint Turbo Graphics, Maynard Massachusetts
Color Tangerine
Molding Stone's
Rear Fender Jesse James
Front Fender Modified H-D Softail
Front Wheel Boyd's
Rear Wheel Boyd's
Front Brake Performance Machine
Rear Brake Performance Machine
Seat Danny Gray
Transmission H-D

The molded neck. You've got to see the exquisite work on this neck. With the tank fitting smoothly with the extension, this is going to be one classy combination.

Tangerine Neck 144KB

Here's a side shot of the oil bag. Check out the graphic accents. Nice powder on the barrels too!

Tangerine Oil Bag 192KB

The rear fender. Same graphic treatment as the oil bag but, the "feather" is actually off-center. This is what separates the average bike from one built for the obsessed.

Tangerine Rear Fender 181KB

A close-up of the front reveals the slick powder coating of the barrels and the accents on the tank.

Tangerine Left Front Close 217KB

On the left side ... Hey, this one's got a chain!

Tangerine Left Rear 217KB

Tangerine Left Front 1.jpg (239777 bytes) 240KB

Tangerine Left Rear 4.jpg (180687 bytes) 180KB

Right side views.

Tangerine Right Front 1.jpg (238077 bytes) 238KB

Tangerine Right Rear 4.jpg (221335 bytes) 221KB

Front views.

Tangerine Left Front.jpg (198689 bytes) 212KB

Tangerine Right Front 212KB

The Proud Father.

Tangerine Proud Father.jpg (226626 bytes) 226KB

Tangerine AJ-Son.jpg (152272 bytes) 152KB

Tangerine Son.jpg (232417 bytes) 232KB

Š 2003 Stone's Motorcycle Company